Monday, April 27, 2009



A show of landscape paintings created 2007 and prior.

These woks and studies document my discovery of plein air painting. Painting the landscape on location has been an experience of pure joy often tainted with excruciating frustration. The larger works have been done in my studio using the plein air study as reference.


Sale of these works during the month of May 2009 will benefit the American Ling Association through the fundraising efforts of my friend Abby Britton.

You may purchase your painting online at


To see them in person or for local delivery, call me at



My mother suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. She is a non-smoker, although there were enough carcinogens in her environs growing up to point a few fingers (coal, second-hand smoke, incidents of pneumonia). All I really know is that it has taken a vibrant, active person and weighed her down to the degree that she has to consider her ability to breathe with literally every step she takes. It’s terrible to feel so powerless in the face of something that ought to be treatable, if not preventable.


My solution is to get involved. I volunteer with the American Lung Association of Oregon on a weekly basis. I’m  a 4th year volunteer and participant in their Reach the Summit program, this year am fundraising and training to climb the Grand Teton in July. There’s something that feels very tangible about raising money for programs and doing very physical challenges requiring lots of breathing with healthy lungs (!) in honor of those who are struggling.


Thank you for your consideration in supporting this cause. Buy some fantastic artwork and know that you’re helping all those people whose lungs and health have been compromised.


When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.



Abby Britton



Celeste Bergin said...

Nice landscape! Kimberly Kent...I bestow you with the Lemonade award, go to my blog for details!

Susan GT said...

Beautiful landscape...and a great cause.